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Peconic Pool Guy Renovations


We Will Customize Your Pool Or Spa To Meet Your Specific Needs!


Our Team Will Devise Innovative And Beautiful Designs Using Only The Highest Quality Methods And Materials!


We Work With A Variety Of Vendors Of Tile And Stone. We Bring Lots Of Ideas For Free Form, Circular Or Rectangular Pools.  For Those Who Want Something Unique We Can Design Original Cutting Edge Pools With Flowing Water Systems.


We Know How To Make The Most Out Of Your Space.

We Work Expeditiously And Will Offer You A Fair Price.

We Stand Behind Our Work With Confidence And Pride.

We Guarantee Your Utmost Satisfaction!

Peconic Pool Guy - Best Pool Service in Hamptons

Let Peconic PoolGuy Breathe New Life Into Your Pool!

Peconic Pool Guy Cleaning


We Provide Reliable Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Balancing. 

Peconic Pool Guy Adjusts Chemicals

We Offer Emergency Service Calls For When Unexpected Issues Arise.


We Know Exactly What Needs To Be Done To Keep Your Pool Healthy & Clean! 

Peconic Pool Guy Does Repairs & Conversions


We Specialize In Converting Chlorinated Pools To Salt Water.


Our Experienced, Licensed Repair Techs Are Trained To Service And Install Heaters, Work On  Gas Fittings, As Well As All Plumbing & Electrical Systems. 

Peconic Pool Guy Works With Complex Plumbing Configurations

Our Knowledgeable Techs Work Competently With Complex Plumbing Configurations That Other Pool Companies Won't Touch!

Peconic Pool Guy Winterizes Pools


We Will Properly Protect Your Pool & Spa During The Winter Months,

Peconic Pool Guy Winterizes Pools

We Cover Your Pool & Spa At The End Of The Season.


We Winterize Plumbing & Heater(s).


We Add Chemicals Or Salt And Adjust Water Levels Throughout the Winter to Minimize Maintenance When The Pool Is Reopened!

water strip 4.jpg
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