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Philip Matthews

Growing up in Southampton my favorite place has always been the water! As an avid swimmer, I jump between the frequently turbulent ocean to the calm serenity of a pool. I have always been fascinated with the science of making water glisten!  Without over-chlorinating and over chemicalizing, I have mastered the technique of maintaining continuous water clarity! 


As a choice I limit the number of clients I take on every summer so that I can maximize the quality of work and provide personal service to each and every customer. I give every client and every pool the utmost attention and strive to supersede satisfaction. 


I have developed special techniques for remote operations, such as heating, draining, and lighting so that you can use your cell phone to control and monitor important pool functions without having to be home. 

"I believe it's important to get in the pool!"

Peconic PoolGuy

Peconic PoolGuy has been restoring, servicing and maintaining pools and spas in the Hamptons for over 25 years.


Earning a reputation for renovating exquisite, high quality custom pools, expeditiously and at a fair price.


Best known for unparalleled customer service, exceptional workmanship and for keeping your water crystal clear! 

Phil Matthews - Peconic Pool Guy

Let Peconic PoolGuy Breathe New Life Into Your Pool!

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