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Covid 19 Precautionary Measures

COVID-19 cannot spread in swimming pools or hot tubs, as long as proper cleaning procedures are adhered to. 


The CDC has clarified the following on their website: There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.


Additionally, social distancing and proper hygiene should be practiced in and out of the water. However, if you or anyone else is already sick, don’t swim in the pool. While chlorine can kill some viruses, it cannot magically cure someone who is already sick. And you don’t want that sick person to be touching your pool step railings or any other areas that are not submerged. 



Peconic PoolGuy will continue to service pools in the Hamptons. Our service is outdoors and away from people, we can complete our work with no on-site contact with our customers, and we are taking extra safety precautions during this time to help prevent the spread of the virus.


Each morning our vehicles are sanitized and stocked with supplies to sanitize the high touch surfaces we come in contact with around your pool area. Customers are strongly encouraged to stay indoors upon our arrival to allow our technicians to perform the pool cleaning service. We will make sure that your pool is maintained at the proper chlorine level so that you can swim safely (per the CDC, normal sanitizer levels of 3ppm chlorine will kill the virus). Before we leave your property, we will use towels soaked with sanitizer to wipe down all surfaces on or near equipment that get touched on a regular basis (e.g. control panels, pump lids, air bleeder) as well as handrails, ladders, etc.


We are here so that you can enjoy your pool this summer! Stay safe!


We Make Your Water Sparkle!

Peconic Pool Renovations

We will customize your Pool or Spa to Meet your Specific Needs! Our Team will Devise Innovative and Beautiful Designs using only the Highest Quality Methods and Materials!


We Retrofit Older Pools With New Low Voltage Full Color LED Lights.


We Offer Energy Efficiency Variable Speed Filter Pump Upgrades.

From Resurfacing, Tiling to a Complete Renovation; We Take On All Projects,

Peconic Pool Cleaning & Service

Reliable Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Balancing. 

We Provide Emergency Service Calls For When Unexpected Issues Arise.


We Know Exactly What Needs to Be Done to Keep Your Pool Healthy & Clean! 

Peconic Pool Repairs & Conversions
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We Specialize in Converting Chlorinated Pools to Salt Water.


Our Exoerienced, Licensed Repair Techs are Trained to Serivice and Install Heaters, Work on  Gas Fittings, As Well As All Plumbing & Electrical Systems. 

We Properly Protect Your Pool & Spa During The Winter Months,

We will Cover Pool & Spa At the End of the Season, Winterize Heater(s) and Plumbing.


We Add Chemicals or Salt and Adjust Water Levels Throughout the Winter to Minimize Maintence & Repairs When The Pool Is Reopened.


Crystal Clear Pools All Summer


Peconic PoolGuy has been restoring, servicing and maintaining pools and spas in the Hamptons for over 25 years.


We earned our reputation for renovating exquisite, high quality custom pools, expeditiously and at a fair price.


We are most known for our unparalleled customer service, exceptional workmanship and for keeping your water crystal clear.    

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